Chinking By Karen - The Pioneer in Log Home Care

We own a whole log home that is about 10 years old.  It was sold to us as not needing any chinking so we never thought a thing about it.  The only problem was our beautiful log home had become home to flies, mice and a few bats over the years. Finally enough was enough and we decided we had to find a solution to this problem.  That was when we saw Karen's ad in the local newspaper; I called her up and a day later she came to take a look.  Karen educated us to the fact that after all these years of having a log home with no caulking or chinking it had been very easy for all these pests to make themselves at home inside of our house.  She gave us an estimate and we scheduled the inside of our home to be chink/caulked.  Besides keeping the pests out, we found an added bonus; no wind blowing through and lower heating costs.  The following summer she returned to complete the chinking/caulking on the outside.  What a difference this has made to our comfort level and our home also looks finished!

-- Glenwood, Colorado

In the summer of 2012, I hired Karen Wilson to sand, stain, & seal my log homes in Nederland CO.  Karen is very meticulous in her work and takes the time to do the work perfectly!  She went above and beyond her job description when she discovered several never before sealed penetrations in the structures.  Consequently, she alleviated an ongoing bat and insect issue that I had been struggling with!  Needless to say, Karen Wilson's work ethic and attention to details is unsurpassed and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in having their log home chinked, stained, or sealed.

-- Nederland, Colorado

When my family bought a log house a number of years ago, the natural beauty of the logs had been covered with brown paint and the chinking was of inferior quality.  Although over the years we hired several companies to correct the problem, none were able to bring back the natural beauty of the logs until Karen Wilson, who did what none of the other companies chose to do.  To remove the paint, Karen sanded each log to it's virgin state and then applied a stain to retain each logs golden luster.  She also removed all the old chinking and replaced it.  Her goal always was to give the best job possible and to our satisfaction.  Because of Karen Wilson's superior work, we now have a log hone which is not only beautiful, but of which we can be very proud.
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