Chinking By Karen - The Pioneer in Log Home Care

  • New Construction
  • Chinking Repair
  • Interior & Exterior half log & milled log siding
  • Existing log home chinking removal and replacement

  • Interior details (ie doors, windows, checks, purlins)
  • Winterization
  • Insect & critter eradication
  • Interior drywall to wall connections

  • New Construction
  • Re-staining 
  • Sanding to remove existing stain - NO blasting!
  • Staining as part of overall log home restoration

  • Log railing repair and/or replacement
  • Log home consultation (rotten logs, grey logs, critters)
  • Installation of Borite Rods for preservation
  • Interior drywall repair from settling
  • Design & implement customized rehabilitation plan based on each homes needs

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